Issyk-Ata Glass bottle

Issyk-Ata can be named as the most sacred source among the many hot springs coming out to the surface of Kyrgyz Ala-Too Mountains around the vicinity of Bishkek. In the Issyk-Ata reservation there are about 130 sources of mineral waters, half of which have a constant water temperature of 38-50оC. The largest known source, from which the Issyk-Ata mineral water is taken, spews 8 liters of water per second with a temperature of 54.5о C degrees throughout year. Issyk-Ata mineral water contains silicic acid, which is 17-20% of the total mineralization, it also rich in fluorine, which participates in the formation of dental tissue. Talking about the characteristics and therapeutic features of table water “Issyk-Ata”, we can specify that it is slightly mineralized, absolutely transparent, has a mild taste of hydrogen sulfide, has a unique combination of silicic acid and fluorine, and helps to restore the balance of the necessary elements in the human body.

AnionsHCO3¯ 20 - 50
SO4²¯ 35 - 100
CI¯ 15 - 50
F¯ 5 - 8
CationCa²+ 6 - 25
Mg²+ < 5,0
Na++ K+ 30 - 80
H2SiO3 25 - 50
Mineralisation150 - 300 mg/dm3

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