Tien Shan

Tien Shan Legend

“Tien – Shan Legend” (“Legend”) – non-carbonated spring water of glacial origin.
Water is extracted from a source located in an ecologically clean, protected foothill zone of the Ala-Kush tract, the Ala-Archa National Park at an altitude of 2,100 meters above sea level.

Distinctive features:

It is characterized by a special softness, which ensures an optimal balance of minerals
Low composition of mineralization makes water ideal for daily use
the process of natural filtration. Thus, completely saves its natural qualities and properties.

Storage recommendations:

Keep away from direct sunlight, from +5 to +20 C, the shelf life is 6 months.

AnionsHCO3¯ 50 - 100 мг/дм3/mg/dm3
SO4²¯ 10 - 30 мг/дм3/mg/dm3
Cl¯ 2 - 20 мг/дм3/mg/dm3
CationCa²+ 20 - 40 мг/дм3/mg/dm3
Mg²+ 1 - 10 мг/дм3/mg/dm3
Na+ + K+ 2 - 20 мг/дм3/mg/dm3
Mineralisation100 - 200 мг/дм3/mg/dm3

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