Export potential of the Company

“Shoro” Company is a leading company on the Kyrgyz market for the production and sale of national beverages, spring and mineral waters, as well as fermented dairy products and snack products.

“Shoro” Company is interested in supplying its products to the market of CIS countries. Our spring water of glacial origin has a number of advantages comparing to the waters represented in the market of the CIS countries. This is primarily its natural origin, as well as a unique balanced composition of minerals in the water, which makes it useful for health and optimal for daily use.

In the spring of 2015, we have successfully entered the market in Moscow with products: Maksym Shoro and Chalap Shoro. Among our compatriots, the company’s products were accepted with great joy, as it is a reminder of the Motherland, traditions and cultural lifestyle of the Kyrgyz people. Muscovites were also pleasantly surprised, despite the unfamiliar taste of drinks, noting its natural and unique taste. Providing 100% actual demand in the market of Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan, in addition the company is ready to produce 180 – 200 tons of national drinks for the Russian market. Moreover, Shoro Company is interested in supplying national drinks to the markets of not only neighboring countries, but also all over the world.

The Company’s assortment also includes snack products in the form of the national product “Kurut”: a natural sour-milk product made on an automated line without the use of manual labor.

For today, the Company is engaged in expansion of infrastructure, acquisition of additional production capacities, and improvement of technological processes. The company has successfully implemented and received an international certificate for the Food Safety Management System, ISO 22000: 2005 in water production.

Company Abstract

CJSC Shoro was established in 1992, in the era of the cooperative movement, and today it is one of the most dynamically developing companies in the Kyrgyz Republic. The founders, two brothers Taabaldy and Zhumadyl Egemberdiev, started the business from scratch, with the sale of the national drink “Maksym”, becoming later the founders of national production business. Today, the “Shoro” Company is the flagship of business, which managed to preserve the traditions, win the position of a leader in the domestic market and gain constant consumer confidence, which is an absolute factor of business success. Since 1998, the Company started producing Maksym-Shoro in bottle, with a production capacity of 70 tons per day, which far exceeds the market demand.

Important stages in the development of CJSC Shoro include modernization of infrastructure, production of new types of products and expansion of sales markets:

  • 1996 – opening of a branch of Shoro CJSC in the south of Kyrgyzstan, in Osh city
  • 1998 – the release of “Maksym-Shoro” in bottle
  • 1999 – production of non-carbonated spring water of glacial origin TM Tien-Shan Legend
  • 1999 – production of sparkling spring water of glacial origin “Baytik”
  • 2000 – the entry to the market of mineral therapeutic and table water “Issyk-Ata”
  • 2004 – the entrance to the market of the national chalap drink, such as the “Tagay” chalap
  • 2006 – re-branding of “Chalap-Shoro”
  • 2004 – the entrance to the market of the national beverage “jarma”, as Toibos jarma
  • 2006 – rebranding of “Zharma-Shoro”
  • 2009 – access to the market of fermented dairy products “Kurut” in the assortment
  • 2005 – entering the market of the national drink “Bozo-Shoro” in the assortment
  • 2005 – entering the market of Kazakhstan, building a factory in Kordai on the production of Maksym-Shoro and opening a distribution office in Almaty city
  • 2015 – entering the market of the Russian Federation and opening an official distribution office in Moscow
  • 2016 – implementation of the Food Safety Management System ISO 22000: 2005 in the production of water
  • 2017 – production of mineral curative and table water of TM “Arashan” in glass bottle
  • 2017 – Issue of Issyk-Ata mineral curative-table water in a glass bottle

To date, the “Shoro” Company is one of the most socially-oriented companies in our country, which conducts charity events, supports children’s homes, medical institutions, public and charity foundations, activities aimed at promoting healthy and active lifestyles.

The Company’s strategy is aimed at improving and developing the market of high-quality and healthy food products to meet the growing needs of the society, expanding and strengthening its positions in the domestic market and entering foreign markets. For today, it successfully participates in the market of Kazakhstan, and the Russian Federation. With the accession of Kyrgyzstan to the EEU, new markets and opportunities have opened up to the “Shoro” Company.

We believe that our natural spring water, as well as our national drinks, being a cultural heritage of nomads, will be able to occupy a worthy place in the world market.