About Company

Shoro Company was established in 1992, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. The business start-up was based on the idea to revive the traditions of ancestors by producing eco-friendly and healthy products.

Nowadays, after 25-year history, the Shoro Company is one of the largest producers of national drinks, also carbonated and non-carbonated, natural spring and mineral waters in the market of the Kyrgyz Republic

Shoro Company is constantly working on improving its quality management system aiming to present national drinks and spring water to foreign markets, which will raise the image of Company, as well as the Kyrgyz Republic’s as a whole.

For the moment our Company is presented in the markets of neighboring Kazakhstan and Russia.

Shoro Company seeks to maintain traditions, develop culture and communicate to every member of society only the positive values of our country and people.

National drinks from Shoro Company became national pride, laureates and prize-winners of many domestic and international competitions.