(Русский) Испытания нашей продукции

Quality control of the Сompany’s products is carried out at all stages of the technological process. All incoming strategic raw materials, component materials (containers, packaging, etc.) are tested on the entrance control for compliance with the regulatory documents.

The laboratory of Shoro Company is responsible for quality control of the products at the enterprise.

The laboratory conducts tests for all the main indicators of quality and safety of products, and these are physicochemical and microbiological studies.


Bottled products, such as the national drinks – Maksym Shoro, Bozo Shoro in assorment, Chalap Shoro, Zharma Shoro, mineral medical-table water Issyk-Ata, natural drinking table water «Legenda», «Baytik” comply with regulatory documents (CCM, SanPin, technical regulations, etc.). 16_0207-1_en