About Us and Our Mission

Established more than twenty five years ago in the era of perestroika, the company “Shoro” today is the flagship of the business, which managed to preserve traditions, gain leadership positions in the market and gain permanent consumer confidence, which is an absolute factor of business success.

Preamble to the mission:

We are proud that the inseparable unity of traditions, the aspiration for a better future, the uniqueness of Kyrgyz culture and the world-recognized modern technologies have become the foundation on which a dynamically developing company has arisen, whose name is a synonym for quality and trust, whose story is an example for imitation.


“We contribute to the formation of a healthy society, producing high-quality and healthy food products.”

Producer of natural food products made from cereals and cow’s milk
The producer of natural and drinking and mineral waters from the purest sources of Kyrgyzstan
A multi-brand company that promotes a healthy lifestyle, using modern production technologies

“Shoro” is a company of professionals who are capable of performing the duties assigned to them systematically, efficiently and reliably, regardless of the complexity of the situation. Employees of Shoro are a positive characteristic of the employee not only as a subject of activity in the company, but also as a person who has theoretical and practical knowledge, achievements, good indicators, as well as motivation and aspirations.


Shoro works in the market of soft drinks for the second decade. The accumulated experience allows the company with confidence to move forward in the conditions of a dynamically developing market. Shoro does not set himself the task of achieving short-term success, earning the maximum profit. Preferences are given to establishing long-term mutually beneficial relations with reliable partners, as the company plans to work in this market for a long time and stable.


The Company continuously monitors and analyzes the external and internal risks inherent in it as a commercial organization. This allows us to predict the changes in the financial, economic and social spheres, and successfully operate under new conditions. The company has always fulfilled and will fulfill all obligations to its customers and partners. Therefore, companies believe, it has earned the trust of partners and consumers, having existed on the market of the Kyrgyz Republic for two decades.


Practice shows that the company deserves the trust, whose activities are clear and understandable to its customers. Therefore, “Shoro” strives to achieve the maximum possible in the production activities of “transparency” and predictability of the company’s actions for our partners – both present and future. Shoro is open to constructive cooperation and welcomes innovations that contribute to the development of our business and the business of our customers, partners and shareholders.

Social orientation

The main value of the company is people who entrusted it with their careers. The basis of the company’s policy towards employees is the desire to provide all the conditions for the full realization of their abilities, professional skills, as well as provide a decent reward for the results of their work. Shoro is a single team. The success of a single employee is part of the success and prosperity of the company as a whole.

Thanks to the principles that all employees of the company are guided in their daily work, the company “Shoro” has earned trust and recognition as a reliable, national, modern enterprise.

Charity and social activity of Shoro CJSC

The basis of corporate thinking of the whole company and each of its employees are the principles of ownership and social indifference.

We try to support the significant sports and cultural events of the country together with our consumers to solve the acute social problems and problems that society faces today in order to build our common tomorrow.
We support and facilitate:
1) to create a healthy and harmonious society, we support professional and children’s sports, and also direct our efforts to preserve the historical heritage of Kyrgyzstan and the development of culture;

2) we pay close attention to projects that help to improve the quality of life of socially vulnerable groups of population – orphans and people with disabilities;

3) programs and activities aimed at protecting the environment – nature protection, gardening and improvement of the urban environment;

4) the educational sphere also plays a special role: we try to support educational processes, improve the quality of the educational standards themselves, and develop professionalism through training (seminars, conferences, round tables, trainings) both by the company employees and the society as a whole, in particular we support the educational processes of the younger generation;

5) in the implementation of fresh and bold ideas. We appreciate persistence, creativity and inspiration in creating a new one, that’s why we support unexpected projects, whether it’s a bright concert or a cinema.