Arashan Arashan

Whatever you choose: health or image, the only answer is Arashan!

Mineral healing and table water “Arashan”

The uniqueness of the water “Arashan” is due to the peculiarities of the source itself. Water “Arashan” is born at the foot of the southern slope of the At-Bashi ridge at an altitude of about 3300 meters in the Naryn region. This water has undergone multistage natural purification in ancient rocks and therefore is a sample of an environmentally friendly natural product.

Water Source: “Beshbelchir – Arashan” deposit – balneological resort area in the Naryn region, At-Bashi district, 60 km south-west of the village “At-Bashi” and 90 km from the city of Naryn.

Healing properties of “Arashan” mineral water approved by the Ministry of Health of the Kyrgyz Republic:

Diseases of the digestive system:

– chronic gastritis with normal and increased secretory function of the stomach,

– stomach ulcer and duodenal ulcer,

– intestinal diseases,

– liver,

– gallbladder.


Diseases of the endocrine system.

With eating disorders and metabolic disorders.

Diseases of the genitourinary system.

AnionsHCO3¯ 1400- 2010
SO4²¯ 100 - 200
CI¯ 200 - 300
F¯ 1,5 – 2,5
CationCa²+ 180 - 280
Mg²+ 20-100
Na++ K+ 400 - 700
H2SiO3 25
Mineralisation2000 - 4000 mg/dm3

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