Tien Shan

Tien Shan Legend 19 L

“Tien Shan Legend” in a 19 L container is produced for daily unlimited and safe consumption. Dispenser water in homes and offices is not only comfortable, but also useful. Spring water “Tien Shan Legend” in 19 liter bottles have a number of advantages over ordinary tap water, moreover keeping you healthy. Spring water Tien-Shan Legend passes several stages of purification, but its natural composition remains unchanged, it is still “alive”, and is perfect for both food and household purposes. For example, many consumers use spring water for bathing babies, and also use it in aquariums.

It is not necessarily to have a dispenser equipment for purchasing 19 L bottles. Now you can use the FLOWER mechanical water pump. The uniqueness of this device is provided by a tube made from a special food-grade polymer material, which prevents the appearance of any odors and bacteria in water. All this allows our water to remain truly fresh, even with long-term water consumption. This pump is perfect for both home and office use.


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AnionsHCO3¯ 50 - 100 мг/дм3/mg/dm3
SO4²¯ 10 - 30 мг/дм3/mg/dm3
Cl¯ 2 - 20 мг/дм3/mg/dm3
CationCa²+ 20 - 40 мг/дм3/mg/dm3
Mg²+ 1 - 10 мг/дм3/mg/dm3
Na+ + K+ 2 - 20 мг/дм3/mg/dm3
Mineralisation100 - 200 мг/дм3/mg/dm3
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(Русский) Легенда 19, 0 л.- 170 сом

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