Issyk-Ata can be named as the most sacred source among the many hot springs coming out to the surface of Kyrgyz Ala-Too Mountains around the vicinity of Bishkek. In the Issyk-Ata reservation there are about 130 sources of mineral waters, half of which have a constant water temperature of 38-50оC. The largest known source, from which the Issyk-Ata mineral water is taken, spews 8 liters of water per second with a temperature of 54.5о C degrees throughout year. Issyk-Ata mineral water contains silicic acid, which is 17-20% of the total mineralization, it also rich in fluorine, which participates in the formation of dental tissue. Talking about the characteristics and therapeutic features of table water “Issyk-Ata”, we can specify that it is slightly mineralized, absolutely transparent, has a mild taste of hydrogen sulfide, has a unique combination of silicic acid and fluorine, and helps to restore the balance of the necessary elements in the human body.

The Issık-Ata mineral and treatment water has been studied by the Kyrgyz Research Institute of Balneology and Restorative Treatment and can be used for chronic diseases of the digestive system (gastritis, cholecystitis, colitis), liver, pancreas, genitourinary and metabolic disorders.

In June 2016 a familiar bottle changed its design, and became more carbonated. The new design involves not only devotion to water, but also symbolic meaning. Water coming from the earth depths has useful healing properties. Orange color in etiquette is a symbol of hot springs. The arrow down symbolizes the origin of the water, from the depths of Kyrgyz mountains.

Storage recommendations:

In a place protected from sunlight, at temperatures from +5 to +20 C, the shelf life is 12 months

AnionsHCO3¯ 20 - 50
SO4²¯ 35 - 100
CI¯ 15 - 50
F¯ 5 - 8
CationCa²+ 6 - 25
Mg²+ < 5,0
Na++ K+ 30 - 80
H2SiO3 25 - 50
Mineralisation150 - 300 mg/dm3

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