Maksym Shoro

Maksym Shoro

Thirst-quenching, health-improving and refreshing national drink prepared from the selected varieties of barley, wheat and corn.

Traditional Kyrgyz drink Maksym Shoro has healing properties, sophisticated taste and aroma. Moreover, Maksym Shoro relieves thirst and hunger.


- Contains vitamins B1, B2, B9, PP and minerals K, Mg, Ca, P, Fe, Na, which are necessary for vital functions of health. It improves digestive system, liver and kidney functioning, helps to detox your body.
- Improves metabolic process, food digestion and absorbency.
- During hot season helps to balance water-salt metabolism, refreshing and toning drink.

Composition:Confined ground water, barley, corn, wheat, melted butter, wheat flour, salt, yeast.
value per 100 g
100,42 kJ/24 Kcal
value per 100 g
Proteins – 0,89 g
Fat – 0,18 g
Carbonhydrates – 5,10 g
VitaminsВ1, В2, РР
MineralsК, Са, Mg, Р
Shelf life 30 days
Storage conditionsfrom + 2 °C up to + 6 °C.
100% natural product. No GMO.

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