Aralash Shoro

Aralash Shoro Bio

Mixed drink made from Maksym and Chalap Shoro.

A fermented milk drink with cereals enriched with probiotic cultures. Probiotics (bifido- and lactobacilli) helps to the improve digestion and contributes to healthy functioning of the immune system. The drink has a healing, toning, invigorating, refreshing effect.

Stimulates metabolic processes, improves digestibility, increases the activity of enzymes, nourishes useful intestinal microflora
Composition:Artesian water, natural cow milk, barley, wheat, corn, melted butter, wheat flour, salt, pure cultures of lactic acid bacteria, probiotic cultures, yeast.
value per 100 g
114,2 kj/27,3 kcal
value per 100 g
Protein – 2,3 g
Fats – 0,9 g
Carbohydrates – 3,9 g
VitaminsВ1, В2, РР, С
MineralsК, Са, Mg, Р, Fe, Zn
Shelf life 20 days
Storage conditionsfrom + 2 °C to + 6 °C.
100% natural product. No GMO. No preserving agents.

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