(Русский) Оборудование для воды

We provide a wide range of products to meet the different needs of our customers (spring water “Legend”, sparkling spring water “Baytik”, mineral – healing table water “Issyk-Ata”, Maksym Shoro, Chalap Shoro, Chalap Shoro Bio, Zharma Shoro Bio , Aralash Bio, Bozo Shoro in assortment, and “kurut” snacks).

помпа The uniqueness of this device and the main difference from other pumps is that the tube of the Flower pump is made from special food polymeric material that prevents the appearance of any side odors and bacteria. This allows the water to remain truly fresh even with prolonged use. This pump is perfect for both home and office.

Mechanical FLOWER pumps have several advantages:

Fastening on the bottle with a simple push (clamp down).
One piece non-separable tube made of special patented and certified safe polymer material.
A special plug for the tube prevents from bacteria, which prolongs the storage period of water in the open bottle.

 стакан Легенда  Brended cups (50 pcs./pkg.)
стаканодержатель Magnet cups holder (for 50 cups).

Using disposable cups is much more convenient if you have a glass holder that attaches to the dispenser and gives out cups one at a time.

 кранчик Plastic tap for packaged water.

User instructions for plastic tap is enclosed.

 ручка для бутыля Plastic handle

Made from high-quality plastic

Ergonomic handle to carry bottles

dispencer_2 Dispenser (Cooler)

Dispenser or cooler is a kind of household appliances designed for filling water, combining the functions of heating and cooling. This device allows you to have hot water of optimal temperature (92 – 95 ° C) for tea and coffee, as well as instant soups. The dispenser can be not only purchased, but also rented for the period you need. All Dispenser models are warranted.

Contact information to water order “Legend” in 19-liter bottles and related products can be found on this page.