Chalap Shoro

Chalap Shoro Shoro

Fermented milk product, refreshing, healthful drink made from fat-free natural cow milk and spring water.



-Excellent toning effect
-Actively reduces weight and lowers cholesterol in the blood
-Has detoxing effect
-Improves the work of the gastrointestinal tract
-Improves metabolic processes, improves digestibility of food
-Provides with vitamins of group B and minerals
-Helps with absorption of calcium, iron
-Balances the intestinal micro flora, improves digestion after lunch and dinner, and refreshes during the day

Composition:Natural fermented cow milk, spring water, lactic-acid bacteria
value per 100 g
122,92 kJ/29,3 kcal
value per 100 g
Proteins – 1,4 g
Fats – 1,2 g
Carbohydrates – 2,3 g
VitaminsА, С, В1, В2
MineralsК, Са, Mg, Р, Fe, Zn
Shelf life 60 days
Storage conditionsfrom + 2 °C till + 6 °C.
100% natural product. No GMO. No preserving agents.

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